I’ve been thinking…

That’s how it starts, followed by,
“Something isn’t right…”or
“I’m not getting what I want from…”or
“…has great potential, but…”

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a senior level manager, a thinker (you create and develop new ideas, products and ways of thinking about processes, people, and tasks), a builder (your focus is outward and involves converting ideas and strategies into reality) or an improver (your focus is inward and you upgrade or redesign existing processes, products, systems, procedures and ways of doing business).

Whatever the case, you’ve been thinking about your world of work and you’ve seen something, something that’s not quite right. A problem unseen. An opportunity ignored. A trend emerged. A performance uninspired. It probably isn’t obvious to everyone. Your world of work is nuanced; little things mean a lot. Seemingly small events, patterns and trends have disproportionate influence on the vector and velocity of your company.

You’d like to talk about it, but you’ve learned that your musings are often taken as directives or are mis-taken altogether.

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“I have been acquainted with John as a friend, wise counselor and trusted advisor
for over 20 years.His insights and acumen have made a huge impact
in both my personal life and in organizations I have led.”
“I have not met anyone before with his depth of experience, preciseness of thinking,
and ability to provide counsel in such a fun, colorful manner.
What more can you ask for in an advisor?”
“John has a special ability to tap into
topics that are exactly relevant to the
strategic and tactical challenges I address.”
Alistair Deakin, CEO of KaleidaCare
“John is the consummate professional.
He has the ability to quickly grasp the situation around him,
and to develop a plan to drive successful results.”
“You’ll find John is a gifted listener with a sage-like ability to breakdown a complex situation
then offer intuitive insight that cuts through the noise so often involved in politically charged situations. His approach is actionable,
his demeanor focused and forward thinking, and his advice is simple, yet profound.”
Christie Calhoun, Vice President at Situs
“John has become a trusted advisor to upper management of our company.
He possesses the ability to cut through large amounts of information and
focus on particular issues that are critical to the success of our business.”
CEOs Not Receiving Coaching
CEOs Receptive to Change From Feedback
Directors Said Their CEO Receptive to Coaching
CEOs Said Coaching Was Their Idea

Why CollierBrown&Co.?

You’re busy and need someone who can listen, provide frank feedback,
appropriate challenges, or insightful questions without an agenda,
other than improving your business; someone who can fill a unique role
that’s unlikely filled by an internal source.

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