John C. Horton

The purpose of everything I do is to help improve your business. I help someone or something become better – even though we start at “good” or “successful”.

My role as an executive advisor (aka coach, counselor, trusted adviser, confidant, thinking partner, friend) is about helping someone or something become better – even if we start at “good” or “successful.” I have always believed – even as a teenager – that this role was just “something I did to help people.” It still is.

Today I work with senior executives, those who report to them, and those likely to report to senior executives very soon. I listen, observe, and absorb. My inner nerd is fascinated by connections between people, patterns, and problems, as well as events, opportunities and obstacles. We start with “what is”, building towards “what could be.” My purpose and desire is to understand things; to comprehend the complex; to unravel the complicated; to make sense of the confusing, to help improve your business.

The idea of an executive sparring partner or coach stems from olympic or professional sports where athletes don’t stop working with their coaches after a certain level of success, but have established long term relationships with them. The role of the sports coach as one that “enables the athlete to achieve levels of performance to a degree that may not have been possible if left to his/her own endeavors.” So it is in the world of executive performance.

It’s lonely at the top. People in top executive positions have a fundamental need to be able to exchange thoughts openly, to talk about their fears and concerns and discuss possible solutions. They appreciate the regular exchange and opportunity for trusting conversations with someone who is neutral, experienced, unbiased and who doesn’t have a personal agenda.

My story

The basis for CollierBrown&Co. was set
long before I was born.