I value my clients, past, present, and future, because their word – your word – is my reference.

I have been acquainted with John as a friend, wise counselor and trusted advisor for over 20 years. His insights and acumen have made a huge impact in both my personal life and in organizations I have led. His advice has always been pragmatic and no nonsense. Many times he didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. Thankfully—he delivers his counsel with grace and appropriate humor!
John is the consummate professional. He has the ability to quickly grasp the situation around him, and to develop a plan to drive successful results. John is an individual who focuses on not only his personal success but on the success of the team. He is very
enthusiastic, possesses a quick wit and is a person who will push back if he does not think things are headed in the right direction. I knew John first at IBM and later in his current role and would certainly work with him again if the opportunity presents itself. John is a very solid individual.
Although I’ve had the good fortune to work with Executive Coaches at a number of firms, my time with John was by far the most meaningful and lasting of these experiences. Years later, the techniques and solutions he offered continue to deliver powerful results.

You’ll find John is a gifted listener with a sage-like ability to breakdown a complex situation then offer intuitive insight that cuts through the noise so often involved in politically charged situations. His approach is actionable, his demeanor focused and forward thinking, and his advice is simple, yet profound.

Whether responding to a specific professional challenge or simply looking to up your game, you’ll get there faster and in better shape with John’s advice and counsel.

Christie Calhoun, Vice President at Situs
John has become a trusted advisor to upper management of our company. He possesses the ability to cut through large amounts of information and focus on particular issues that are critical to the success of our business. In drawing from his own experience and his vast array of resources, he can provide clarity where there is confusion. Without our regular meetings with John, we would not have the structure to tackle difficult strategic issues impacting our future. In short, he has imposed a discipline on us that we would not have imposed on ourselves.
Beginning with our relationship through his exceptional program, The Leadership Forum, I have remained a fan and friend of John for almost 20 years. Not only is John an exceptional strategic thinker, adviser, and leader, he is a polished speaker, adeptly conveying the significant lessons and knowledge he has obtained by studying and knowing some of the most prominent and influential business thinkers and writers in our country.
John has a special ability to tap into topics that are exactly relevant to the strategic and tactical challenges I address.
John is an innovative teacher and mentor of executives with the utmost integrity. He is very passionate about what he does and his clients’ best interests. He is always on top of the latest ideas and concepts for managing resources, processes and most importantly people.
John is an excellent coach, instructor, mentor and friend. Over the past several years of working with John I have realized changes in my own performance as well as that of others with whom he has worked. I fully endorse John without reservation.
John brings years of large corporate business experience and an intuitive interpersonal understanding to executive coaching that delivers the right advice at the right time. I have enjoyed John’s counseling over the years and find he is an encyclopedia of helpful ideas.
I have known John for several years and over that time he has truly become a trusted advisor. He is thoughtful, creative and experienced and he operates consistently from a place of integrity. I never feel forced into a “his” solution or dismissed with impractical consultant-speak. He provides the space for me to explore ideas, consider different perspectives, and ultimately find my solution. John is gracious, generous and direct and has a way of communicating that translates easily into action. He is a rare find and I would recommend him to anyone striving to stay ahead of the curve.
John is the most intuitive business person I have ever met. He has the ability to understand your company history and allow you to understand the path you have taken and give sensible recommendations on what your future plan of action should be.
John is terrific to work with and has helped our staff to better work together. John advises us in our office and also works with our leadership classes. He is a trustworthy individual whose integrity is unimpeachable. Working with him has been a pure pleasure. He is absolutely dependable and totally discreet. We trust him and enjoy working with him! We have worked together for many years and look forward to many more!

Why CollierBrown&Co.?

“High performers in any field typically have a coach or mentor.

“You get the benefit of their experience and they ask more questions than they answer.

They force you to think about your business in ways you wouldn’t on your own.”