At a basic level strategy answers two questions: where will we play and how will we win? Should everyone in our business know those answers? If they don’t, how can we expect them to know how to choose between two good things when the decision arises? To discern which is best? Choosing between a good and a bad thing is not that hard.

While we cannot control the future, we have great ability to control how we approach the uncertainty of our tomorrows. If we abdicate those abilities then, by definition, we offer them to whomsoever choses to invade our space and impose their choices on us.

In Other Words…

“In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences.” ― Robert Green Ingersoll

“A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends.” ― Baltasar Gracián, The Art of Worldly Wisdom

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. ” ― Michael E. Porter

In The Word…

“For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it? Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, saying, ‘This man began to build and was not able to finish.’ Or what king, going out to encounter another king in war, will not sit down first and deliberate whether he is able with ten thousand to meet him who comes against him with twenty thousand? And if not, while the other is yet a great way off, he sends a delegation and asks for terms of peace. …” Luke 14:28-32